Encouraging Your Little One To Floss

For many of you out there, there is one thing that your dentist always tells you that you need to do more often. You know exactly what we’re talking about don’t you? Flossing, of course! We’re not mad, just disappointed. But don’t worry, this blog is not about giving you a hard time about flossing more. That’s a job for your dentist. Instead, as your young one’s pediatric dentist in Reunion, this post is about encouraging your child to stay on a steady routine of flossing. It is so important to the health of their teeth, and in order to have them turn into adults that make their dentist proud, you need to get them going at an early age.

We know that this task is easier said than done, that’s what this post is for! Learn a few tips on how to influence your child to floss daily below. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for your kiddo at our dental office, then please give us a call today!


Show Them The Way

You are your child’s hero (until they go through their teenage years, of course). They look up to you and want to make you proud and follow in your footsteps. That’s why the first step to getting your child to floss is through leading by example. Even if you’re not currently a big flosser, we recommend that you start for their (and your teeth’s) sake! Brush your teeth with them before bed or in the mornings and then show them that flossing is just a normal part of the routine.


Progress Calendar

Kids love to have a way to see and celebrate their accomplishments. One great way to get them excited about flossing is to create a progress calendar. Have them put stickers on it every time that they floss. Give them small rewards for certain milestones, such as flossing every day of the month. We guarantee you that they’ll be excited to fill up the calendar with fun stickers and get their reward at the end!


Make It Fun

We’ll admit it, flossing isn’t necessarily fun, but it is important. The good news is, it’s pretty easy to make it fun for children. Create a song that they can hum or sing as they floss, create games that make them smile, and joke around with them as they do it. The main thing is to convince them that flossing isn’t just a chore, but that it can be a good time with you as well.

Be Extra Encouraging

They want them to know that you’re proud of them, so show it! Be extra enthusiastic about how happy you are that they’re staying up with their flossing schedule. When they see how excited you are, they will be too and will look forward to doing it again the following day.


We know it’s hard even convincing them to brush their teeth, you need to help them understand that taking care of their teeth is important and nothing to skip. We promise it won’t be that hard to convince them to floss, and hey, it will help you stay up with your flossing routine as well! Contact Thornton Kids Dentistry today if your child is due for a trip to their pediatric dentist in Reunion.