New Year’s Resolutions For Your Child’s Dental Health

Isn’t it incredible that the year is coming to an end? It feels like yesterday when we were ringing in 2019, and just like that, it’s over! It’s been a pretty great one, and we have a good feeling that next year is going to be even better! One great family activity to do before the clock strikes midnight is to get your family together and make New Year’s resolutions! It’s important to set goals for the upcoming months, no matter what age you may be. The classic options for children are to watch less television and do well in their classes, but one thing that is commonly forgotten is their dental health!

No matter what time of the year it may be, it is always essential to keep an eye on your little one’s dental routine to make sure that your kiddo’s teeth stay healthy, white, and sparkly. The new year is a great opportunity to have them write down a list of things that they could do better and follow through with those goals. Your pediatric dentist in Thornton can offer some resolutions that they can add! If you haven’t been into our dentist’s office with your child yet and are looking for a new place to take care of your little one’s teeth, then Thornton Kids Dentistry is the place for you!

We went out of our way to make an environment that is comfortable and fun for our young patients. We know that that isn’t usually the case when it comes to a dental clinic, but it is true! We have televisions above all of the chairs and we even have a large pirate ship playhouse for the kids to play on before their appointment or after! Take the fear away from the dentists and contact us today to schedule an exam.

More Water

Well, we all know that drinking water is good for our overall health, but did you know it is good for our dental health as well? Any time your child eats or drinks anything other than water, it can settle down in their teeth which, over time, can lead to tooth decay and plaque! This is, obviously, not a good thing. If you have your child drink a glass of water after a meal or even a snack, this will help wash away all of this debris and have their teeth feeling clean and safe.

Water doesn’t contain any sugars, so there is no need to worry about any cavities rearing their ugly heads. We all know how much children love juice, and we’re not here to tell you to prevent them from drinking it, but it is especially important to have them drink water and even rinse after a glass of juice since a majority of them contain so much sugar. Drinking water will also enhance their saliva production which will also help wash away food debris. Again, it is also just a great thing to drink water!


Stick To The Routine

If your child doesn’t brush or floss their teeth daily, then it is more than likely going to cause problems that can be painful and expensive to treat. It is critical that your kiddo makes sure that they brush at least twice a day (for two minutes!) and floss once daily! We know it may not be their favorite activity, but it is a necessity! This depends on you as well. Make sure that you are keeping an eye on their routine and that they are following through. The best idea is to do it with them and show them the way! For a resolution, have them agree to stick to this routine and keep track of monthly. Reward them each month to keep them encouraged.

Quit The Harmful Habits

This is a resolution that you will also have to keep an eye on because it’s regarding toddlers. It’s typical for these little ones to suck their thumbs or pacifiers, but over time it is so harmful to their dental health. It can even mess with the alignment of their jaws! Sticking with the bottle too long can also be detrimental to their developing mouth. If your child is over three, make it a point this upcoming year to wean them away from the pacifier and/or sucking their thumb. This will prevent costly and extensive dental work for them in their teen years.

Wear A Mouthguard

Does your child play sports? No matter if it is soccer, basketball, football, or karate, you want to make sure that they are protecting those precious teeth! Millions of teeth are knocked out every year in these sports and dental injuries are not only painful but can require some serious orthodontic treatment and time. Not to mention that they’ll probably be a little bit embarrassed missing a tooth! While some sports require the players to wear mouthguards, it is never a bad idea to have your child wear one and will make a great resolution for the new year. This is also true if your kiddo is known to grind their teeth throughout the night!

Eat And Drink Healthier

This is a resolution that children and adults can make! Everybody loves sugary treats like chocolate and candy as well as sugary drinks, especially children. We are allowed to treat ourselves from time to time, we deserve it! And of course, your child is going to get some sweets on special occasions like their birthday or Halloween, but moderation is key! Not only are these treats not great for our health in general, but they do some serious damage to our teeth! This is a goal that you and your child can make together. Be mindful of the amounts of sugary foods and drinks that you are having, and replace them with foods that are friends to your teeth like vegetables and fruits (be careful with the citrus fruits though!). Remember, when you do let your child treat themselves, make sure that they rinse their mouth out with water or even brush afterward.

Regular Trips To The Pediatric Dentist!

We know that the majority of kids are not the biggest fan of the dentist’s office. Actually, many are terrified of their dentist’s appointments. Our feelings aren’t hurt, we understand. Many pediatric dentist’s offices lack color, have unfriendly staff, have strange sounds coming from the back rooms, and who likes someone digging around in their mouths? But not at Thornton Kids Dentistry! Our clinic is colorful, full of TVs to keep their attention, and how can we not bring up the pirate ship playhouse!

We have made sure to create an atmosphere that is welcoming for our young patients so that they don’t fear when it comes time to see the dentist! Regular appointments to our office is maybe the most important resolution that your child can make, but they can’t schedule it themselves! This is another one that is up to you! Don’t wait before it is too late and your child develops a cavity or worse! Make sure that you are staying up to date with their appointments so that our pediatric dentist in Thornton can make sure that their teeth are in good health. Don’t worry if you’re not great at remembering either, because we’ll keep you posted when it is time to get them back in! If it’s that time, then make sure to give us a call to schedule an appointment for your child today!