Q: When Should My Child Get Braces?

Q: My Child Is Afraid Of Coming To The Dentist. How Would Your Office Help Calm His Fears?

A: Dental fear is a very real problem, but our team and dental clinic as a whole works to make sure that your child understands there’s no reason to be afraid when visiting our pediatric dentists. Our caring, fun-loving team creates an experience unlike any other, making trips to the dental office a pleasantly memorable experience for children of all ages. Our gentle, compassionate approach and our patient, experienced staff make Thornton Kids Dentistry the ideal pediatric dentistry environment. We know that each child is unique, so we take strides to adapt to every patient’s personality and needs. We can’t wait to show you what a difference our commitment and expertise can make in your little one’s next dental experience!

Is it time for your child’s next visit to Thornton Kids Dentistry? Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We offer comprehensive care to children and are located in Thornton. Our pediatric dentists look forward to working with you and your family!

Q: Does Your Office Work With Medicaid And CHP+?

A: We believe that every child deserves quality dental care in an environment that caters specifically to kids, regardless of financial status. We proudly accept Colorado Medicaid and CHP+ (Children’s Health Plan Plus), both of which are publicly provided health insurance programs for families who financially qualify. Colorado Medicaid provides an annual dental benefit of $1,000 and covers a variety of children’s health services, including cleanings, exams, root canal treatment, gum disease therapy, crowns, and more.

CHP+ covers numerous children’s oral health services, including exams, cleanings, extractions, certain root canal therapies, and more for as little as a $5.00 co-payment. There is a $600 annual benefit, and it’s easy to apply. Learn more on our Medicaid and CHP+ page.

Q: Do You Accept Dental Insurance?

A: Our dental clinic is happy to accept dental insurance from nearly all major providers. Our pediatric dentists and our team will work with you to make sure that the entire claim process is convenient and easy to understand. In fact, we’ll even file your claims for you so that you can rest assured in the knowledge that all of the necessary paperwork has been handled properly.